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In our Medical Centre we perform hair transplant, beard, moustache and eyebrows transplant under Manual FUE technique and Lateral Slit system.

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In our Clinic, “Manual FUE” technique is applied in the field of hair transplant including also beard, moustache and eyebrows transplant. These procedures can be performed with shaved and unshaved hair depending on the features and characters of the patient. There are three different steps to complete a hair transplant and also beard, moustache and eyebrow, the first one is extraction (the method through we obtain the follicular unit),then incisions and the last one is implantation (the procedure through the grafts are put inside the incisions)

The main aim of our Clinic is to follow constantly the developments in the field of hair transplant and the treatment of hair loss, to apply properly the most convenient solution for every patient according to his characteristics always inside the ethical rules.

Dr Hüseyin Güner, opened his Aesthetic Center in 1998 in the area of Bagdat Caddesi in Istanbul and in the year of 2005 opened a new branch in Nişantaşı (Ist) place that he named as Superplast Estetik Cerrahi Merkezi. Taking into account that his Company got bigger the number of experts was increased in order to provide a better service to the patients in 2009. Five Plastic Surgeons, two anesthesiologists, two eye specialists, and two dentist became part of the team. Within the services provided to patients were included Laser Lipolysis, aesthetic practices in the eyes, face lift, and hair transplant itself although since the year 2017 Dr. Hüseyin Güner besides of getting a new name for the Clinic, continues with his services.

With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Hüseyin GÜNER and his assistant, Hair and Surgery Department Advisor Seda Aylin KARA serves with a team of experts in the field of hair, beard, mustache and eyebrow transplant.



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