Post Operative Care

Post-Operative issues a instructions you should be do.

- Please use the medicines given by the Clinic during the suggested time (Antibiotics, pain-killers, etc)

- During the 5 (five) days following the operation, you need to sleep on your back using the neck pillow. (Turning to the right, to the left, or lying down may damage the implanted area.)

- Stay away from sexual intercourse for 5 (five) days following the operation.

- Do not use alcohol or smoke for 1 (one) week.

- Protect your planting area from raindrops and sunlight for 10 (ten) days.

- Avoid covering your head for the following 10 (ten) days (hat provided by our clinic can be used) wearing a bandana is forbidden.

- For 10 (ten) days, zippered or buttoned clothes should be worn.

- During 1 (one) month sports, swimming, solarium, sauna, Turkish bath, jacuzzi and sunbath are forbidden.

- Be very careful after the operation, especially during the first 10 (ten) days until the 6th month, avoid hitting the grafts.

- Do not die your hair for 6 (six) months, do not use hair gel or spray, and cut your hair with scissors. Dont use hair machines for the first 6 (six) months.

- It is suggested to use propecia for 2 (two) years. Continuous use is recommended to preserve its effect.Propecia prevents your hair from being poured by strengthening your existing hair and also makes the new one thicker.


- Do not worry about getting swollen. On the fifht (5) day the swelling will be finished. In order to prevent edema / swelling, use the ice pack as explained in the Clinic and dont bend your head forward.

- If itching or acne appears please contact the Clinic.

- After the operation, you should also wash your hair for 10 (ten) days, and on the 10th (tenth) day, cleanse the scabs as described in our clinic.

Washing steps

First, apply the lotion to the transplanted area and wait 15 minutes.

- Clean the lotion that must last 15 minutes with soft touches with warm/cold water and low pressure. Avoid scratching and hard movements on the area.

- Then, take the shampoo given by our clinic. Rub it between your hands, apply it to the recipient and donor area with slight touches and rinse until you are sure that there is no foam with warm water and without pressure. The shampooing and rinsing must be done twice.

- The planting area should be totally dry by gently tapping the area with paper towels.

- Be sure to use the shampoo given to you especially in the first 10 (ten) days. After 10 (ten) days you can use the shampoo you prefer.



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